Nahom Dental Clinic ናሆም የጥርስ ሕክምና Health

Overview about Nahom Dental Clinic ናሆም የጥርስ ሕክምና

Building a strategic network that offers general and specialty dental service. We are 
committed to and take great pride in offering quality patient care.
HISTORYNSDC, before more than two decades, led by Dr. Mengistu Yilma, the founder & the
Owner set a goal to establish a reputable Dental Clinic & became one of the best Dental 
Care & Treatment Clinic in the capital city of Ethiopia Addis Ababa.The major Hub of the 
International organization such that, The United Nation’s Economic Commission for 
Africa, Africa Union, more than 120 Embassies and Diplomatic Missionaries, 
International Non-Governmental Organizations…etc.
OUR PLEDGEWe all the staff of NAHOM SPECIALITY DENTAL CLINIC, will treat with respect and 
very hospitable ambition all of our Local and International customers who come to our 
Clinic seeking our hospitability services. We will do everything in our service rendering 
professionalism to make sure our clients receive all the necessary care, treatments and 
pleasure they need.
We are fully accountable to the service we offer without any partiality. We train our 
staffs to do their jobs within the ethical boundary of the caring and treatment industry. 
We work very hard to serve with respect and attentiveness. Our purpose is to produce 
our staffs that put the clients always first. This is our pledge.
OUR MISSIONOur mission is to provide comprehensive hospitality services to our customers and meet 
their needs and demands serving through our advanced and communal hospitality 
It is the mission of Affinity Dental Management:-
To create growth and learning opportunities throughout our participating dental 
practice in order to achieve excellence in the delivery of dental services,
To enhance the professional & personal lives of our dentists and dental 
To strive to be on the cutting edge of the dental medicine by maximizing access 
to , and use of Organizational, intellectual, and physical resources.
OUR VISIONOur vision is to provide caring and outstanding oral health by practicing empathy in 
comfortable and professional setting. Also, in this century a safety based Dental Clinical
Center striving to become a center of excellence to the treatment services for the next 
OUR VALUES AND PILLARSRespect Customers with Safety, Hospitability, Excellency, Trust and Reliability, as well 
as Accountability in Professional manner. 
Business StructureTo achieve success in the health industry as a dental clinic, we have decided to build a 
strong and lasting foundation by employing only professionals and qualified people in 
the dentistry industry to hold the following positions:-
Chief Executive Officer (the Owner )
Dentists, Dental surgeons
Dental Therapists
Dental Technicians
Executive Manager
Business development Advisor
Marketing and Operation Executive
Store Manager
Human resource Manager
Customer Care Executives
Technical & Electrical workforces
STATE OF THE ARTAll Equipment, Instruments and Materials used in NSDC are advanced, world class, 
state of the art & first quality.
Intra Oral Camera:- On the computer monitor, with the help of Intra-Oral Camera, 
patient can view Live & detail images of the various problems in the Oral Cavity & 
Teeth. This helps the Patient to understand the problem quite well.
WHY YOU CHOOSE USBecause, We have met the set of the requirements of the Ministry of Health and 
fulfilled the rollout process criteria, which include – Obtaining Regulatory 
approvals, The necessary Licenses from concerning bodies, Sanitization, Waste 
handling with Environmental friendly manner.
Because, We are staffed with professionals and Graduate Doctors, Dental 
Surgeons, Dental Therapists, Nurses & Dental Technicians.
Because, we access to current and up to date Dental Technology and 
Because, we are equipped with proper and latest Technological devises and 
Because, we have developed and exercised to be punctual, reliable, and giving 
maximum care to our patients.
While doing its part in building the reputation of the sector across the continent, 
(particularly) in the horn of Africa, the journey has been gratifying and NSDC, 
hopes to continue its work as a trailblazer in the sector.
We have already leased a land in North Shewa Zone, near Debre Birhan (85 Kms.)
from the capital city Addis Ababa, and started to build a factory to manufacture any kind 
of Dental Inputs and related materials. We also set a Goal to narrow the gap between 
the demand and supply of the aforementioned materials as well as to minimize the 
foreign currency need of the country for the sector.
BUSSINES TARGETOur main business targets, to be achieved as milestones over the course of next year 
will be, to become the best Dental Service in Addis Ababa and as a whole in Ethiopia 
within the next five years of launch by providing high-quality services. 
NEATNESS AND SANITIZATIONWe would like to insure all our patients, that we are taking the utmost care, and 
maximizing infection control protocols to keep you safe.
With a view to protect both staff and patients alike, the NSDC workforce adheres strictly 
to Universal Infection Control Procedure (UICP) that aims to prevent cross infections.
The attending Doctors assistants wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that
includes Uniforms (changed on a daily base), Disposable Gloves, Face Masks and Eye 
Shields. This help to prevent the spread of infected bacteria & viruses to and from the 
The presence of a full time chair side assistant ensures that the Dentist or the Specialist 
is able to focus their attention efficiently on the patient and in so doing avoiding further 
cross contamination by allowing the attending Doctor to effectively limit contact of their 
contaminated gloved hands with any surfaces other than those in immediate use with 
regards the dental treatment being performed.
All work surfaces and Non-heat sterilizable material containers that are touched and 
potentially contaminated during dental treatment are subjected to a chemical wipe down 
with Glutaraldehyde solutions that render the surfaces disinfected.
All hand instruments that come into contact with bodily fluids, i.e. Blood, Saliva, Plasma 
or Pus are subjected to a sterilization routine that kills all Microorganisms leaving the 
Instrument 100% sterile prior to their use in any other patient.
The sterilization routine consists of the following stages.
Gross removal of all organic material contaminated the surface of the hand 
Instruments / Burs / Rubber and Plastic Instruments through a manual process 
and with the use of Scouring agent / Brush.
Aseptic packaging of all previously cold sterilized instruments in to individual 
heat sterilizing packages.
Autoclave / Heat sterilization of all metal based instruments / burs at 134 degree 
Celsius and 2 Bars. This renders the Instruments 100 % sterilized. 
Correct storage of all sterilized Instrument packs in designated drawers.
Opening of sterilized packs when needed only and in the presence of the 
All disposable items, such as suction tips, applicator tips, needles and partially used 
local anesthetic ampoules are correctly discarded after each patient.
COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGEThe level of competition in the dentist industry is quite high because you will not only 
compete with dental clinics but also with other health care service providers such as 
Clinics, Hospitals, and Health centers and so on. To stay atop all this competition, 
We will:-
Offer excellent customer care
Offer good and excellent service
Have a well-groomed management team
Deliver constant quality Dental care & Treatment
Train our employees well in providing good customer service
SALES AND MARKETING STRATEGIESTo ensure that our clinic succeeds and make profitable sales, we will adopt the following 
High quality general dentistry
Usage of advanced Technology
Offering Lifestyle Convenience
Availability of several paying options
Advertising the clinic in print media, broadcast media and social media
Usage of eMarketing…
SALES STRATEGYAfter carrying out a detailed analysis, our experts came up with the following brilliant 
We will ensure a strong web presence by using SEO / SEM tactics,
We will advertise our Dental clinic in health magazines, Newspapers, TV 
stations and social medias,
We will arrange seminars and informational sessions in all local and international 
community schools, other institutes, Governmental & Non-governmental 
organizations to increase dental awareness among students and others. These 
efforts will also result an increase volume of customer and income.

Based on our Specialty Services, We rendered for decades to private personals and 
different company employees. Out of them:-
- Ethiopian Air Lines
- Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
- National Bank of Ethiopia
- MIDROC Ethiopia’s Group
- Ethiopian Electric & Power
- Ethiopian Electric Utilities
- Awash Bank
- Abyssinia bank
Nib Insurance / Samaritans Purs (NGO) are the major ones.
The Newly Branch located at Africa Insurance Building 9th floor, is also designed to 
render a service for VIPs in a private treatment room & we also have children Playing
HIGH LIGHTSAWARDSWe have been honored different Awards Certificates and Testimonials from Institutes, 
Governmental & Non-governmental Organizations.
NEWS & MEDIA RECOGNITIONSOfficial Sponsor of the Japan Olympics Competition in 2020 – 2021.
Contribution for Natural & man-made disaster for displaced people in different 
regional States.
Contribution for Ethiopian National Defense force during the invasion of Tigreans 
rebels on Amhara & Afar regions,
Free treatment service for detainees,
Free Treatment Services for Orphanages,
Free Treatment Services for Homeless People
1/ Old airport, Africa Insurance Building –
 Lideta, Woreda 3, 9th Floor
 Tel. 251 113 813000, 251 113 813030, 251 113 813001
2/ Jemo, Kelela Building –
 Nifas Silk Lafto Kifle Ketema, Woreda 01, 4th Floor
 Tel. 251 114 625510
3/ Near Bole International Airport, TK Building, 
 Bole Kifle Ketema, Woreda 3, 1st Floor
 Tel. 251 118 100346
4/ Gurd Sholla, Athletics Building,
 Yeka Kifle Ketema, Woreda 9, Ground Floor
 Tel. 251 116 675633
5/ Sar Bet, Adams Pavilion Building
 Kirkos Kifle Ketema, Woreda 8, 5th Floor
 Tel. 251 113 809255
6/ CMC Area, Ethiopian Economic Association Building
 Yeka Kifle Ketema, Woreda 11, Ground Floor
 Tel. 251 938 537128


Nahom Dental Clinic ናሆም የጥርስ ሕክምና Service

 Fillings
 Root canals
 Extractions
 Teeth whitening 
 Teeth replacement
 Crowns
 Orthodontics for adults
 Orthodontics for Children
 Routine Cleanings
 Fluoride Application – Prevent Cavities
 Sealants
 Instant X-Rays
 Panoramic X-Rays
 Light Cured Composite Fillings (Tooth colored)
 Post and Core Build-Ups
 Inlays (Ceramic)
 On lays (Ceramic)
 Root Canal Treatments
 Full mouth rehabilitation with combination of services from Conservative, 
Periodontics, Maxillofacial surgery and Orthodontics.
 Acrylic Dentures
 Composite Veneers
 All Metal Crowns & Bridges
 Metal Ceramic Crowns & Bridges
 Metal Free all Ceramic Crowns & Bridges
 Fillings
 Pit & Fissure Sealants
 Growth Monitoring
 Preventive Orthodontics
 Parent Dental Care Counseling 
 Dentistry for Children with Special needs

Contact Information


Company Email :
Primary Phone: 011 810 03 46
Alternative Phone 1 : 09 11 96 06 36
Alternative Phone 2 : 09 29 28 93 60
Alternative Phone 3: 011 381 30 00
Alternative Phone 4 : 011 381 30 01
Alternative Phone 5 : 011 381 30 30
Location Information


Region : Addis Ababa
City : Addis Ababa
Sub City: Nifas Silk
Sefer : Bisrate Gebriel
Specific Location : On Africa Insurance Building 9th Floor

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