Family Real estate Marketing ፋሚሊ ሪልስቴት ማርኬቲንግ Real Estate

Overview about Family Real estate Marketing ፋሚሊ ሪልስቴት ማርኬቲንግ

ምን አይነት ቤት ይፈልጋሉ?

ለመኖሪያም ሆነ ለማከራየት፣ እንዲሁም በመሰራት ላይ ያሉ ለወደፊት በእጥፍ አትርፈው መሸጥ የሚችሉትን ቅንጡ ቤቶች ይፈልጋሉ?

እንግዲያውስ በድርጅታችን ስር ካሉት ከ 10 በላይ ሳይቶች ውስጥ የወደዱትን ይምረጡ!

በተለይም ለዲያስፖራዎች እና ለ አምባሳደሮች ረዘም ባለ የአከፋፈል ስርአት  ዘመናዊ አፓርትመንቶችን አቅርበንላችኋል።

ሳይቶቻችን የሚገኙበት ቦታ

---ቦሌ ሩዋንዳ ኤምባሲ አካባቢ - በ 6ወር ውስጥ የሚረከቡት ፣ ባለ 2  መኝታ ቤቶች በ 50% ቅድመ ክፍያ።

--- ሜክሲኮ አፍሪካ ዩንየን - በ 2 አመት ውስጥ የሚጠናቀቅ ፣ ባለ 2 እና 3 መኝታ ቤቶች በ 50% ቅድመ ክፍያ።

--- ቦሌ ጃፓን ኤምባሲ አካባቢ - ሙሉ በሙሉ የተጠናቀቀ ፣ ባለ 2 እና 3 መኝታ ቤቶች በ 100% ክፍያ።

---ቦሌ ሩዋንዳ ማሞካቻ ኮፊ - በ 2አመት ውስጥ የሚጠናቀቅ ፣ ባለ 1 እና 3 መኝታ ቤቶች በ 50% ቅድመ ክፍያ።

---ቦሌ ቡልቡላ - በ 1 አመት ውስጥ የሚጠናቀቅ ፣ ባለ 3 መኝታ ቤቶች በ 40% ቅድመ ክፍያ።

---ቦሌ ሜጋ - በ 4አመት ውስጥ የሚጠናቀቅ ፣ ባለ 1 ፣ 2 ፣ 3 እና 4 መኝታ ቤቶች በ 35% ቅድመ ክፍያ።

---ቦሌ ወሎ ሰፈር - በ 2.5 አመት ውስጥ የሚጠናቀቅ ፣ ባለ 2 እና 3 መኝታ ቤቶች በ 30% ቅድመ ክፍያ።

---ቦሌ ኤርፖርት - በ 2.5 አመት ውስጥ የሚጠናቀቅ ፣ ባለ 3 መኝታ ቤቶች በ 30% ቅድመ ክፍያ።

--- ኦልድ ኤርፖርት - በ 1 አመት ውስጥ የሚጠናቀቅ ፣ ባለ 2 እና 4 መኝታ ቤቶች በ 60% ቅድመ ክፍያ።

---ርመንት ለቡ አፍሪካ ሲዲሲ - በ 1.5 አመት ውስጥ የሚጠናቀቅ ፣ ባለ 2 ፣ 3  እና 4 መኝታ ቤቶች በ 25% ቅድመ ክፍያ።

 የውስጣዊ እይታ (interior design) እና ተንቀሳቃሽ ምስል (Video) ዌብሳይታችን ላይ ያገኙታል

 ለወዳጆ ለማጋራት ወይንም ሌሎች ተጨማሪ ሳይቶችን ከፈለጉ ሶሻል ሚዲያዎቻችንን ይቀላቀሉ።

Are you looking for luxury houses

If you are looking For houses in the city you are exactly in the right place Including houses that are under construction that can be sold for double profits in the near future?

If so, choose your favorite one from more than 10 sites under our company!

We offer modern apartments especially for diasporas and ambassadors with a long lasting easy payment system.

Where our sites are located:

1. Bole Rwanda Embassy Area - 6 months handover, 2 bedroom house with 50% down payment.

2. Mexico African Union - Completion in 2 years, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments with 50% down payment.

3. Bole Japan Embassy Area - Fully furnished, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments with 100% payment.

4. Bole Rwanda Mamokacha coffee - Completion in 2 years, 1 and 3 bedrooms with 50% down payment.

5. Bole Bulbula - Completion in 1 year, 3 bedrooms with 40% down payment.

6. Bole Mega - Completion in 4 years, 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms with 35% down payment.

7. Bole Wolo Sefer - Completion in 2.5 years, 2 and 3 bedrooms with 30% down payment.

8. Bole Airport – Hand over in 2.5 years , 3 bedrooms with 30% down payment.

9. Old Airport – Hand over in 1 year, 2 and 4 bedroom with 60% down payment.

10.Garment Lebu Africa CDC - Completion in 1.5 years, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom with 25% down payment.

Check the Interior design and video on our website

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Family Real estate Marketing ፋሚሊ ሪልስቴት ማርኬቲንግ Service

Family Real-estate Marketing

“Build Your Future!”

Family real estate marketing is a leader in hosting the city’s most exceptional real estate and providing opportunities into key markets in Addis Ababa. Our client list and network consist of leading industry professionals and diplomats. We have several networks and strategic partnerships with companies such as Metropolitan real estate, Vamos real estate and Eijo real estate, which allows us to expand our luxury listings into the country’s largest markets. We provide to our clients including Ethiopian Diasporas to find their dream home for living and investment options. Family real estate marketing “Build your future”

Family real estate marketing is a leading provider of service to businesses in the industry of real estate marketing service in Ethiopia. With a team of experts boasting extensive experience in the field, we are well-placed to help our clients grow and thrive - even in challenging times. By really getting to know our customers, our talented team is able to offer unique marketing strategies using analysis and broad research.

Family real estate marketing involves the selling or renting, of lands, buildings, or housing facilities. We are also an agency or a real estate agent who acts as a middleman between the sellers and buyers of real estate / real property.

With 12 Property, 100 Staffs, 1200 Clients

Our Vision

To become one of the top three real estate marketing firms in Ethiopia by the year 2030

Our Mission

To provide real estate and related marketing service and win public trust using our professional employees

Core Values

  • Responsibility
  • Winning
  • Loyalty
  • Professionalism


“Build Your Future!”


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Looking for the perfect place to call home? Look no further than our real estate listings! Our properties are top-of-the-line and sure to impress. From cozy starter homes to luxurious estates, we have something for everyone.


Looking for the perfect rental property? Look no further than our real estate marketing services! We have a wide range of rental options available to suit any budget and lifestyle. From cozy apartments to spacious family homes, we have something for everyone.

Future Service

Are you ready to take your real estate marketing to the next level? Our future service is here to help you do just that. a team of experts, we can help you reach more potential buyers and sellers than ever before. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your business. Contact us today to learn more and start seeing results.


Contact Information


Primary Phone: 09 38 05 66 47
Alternative Phone 1 : 09 09 02 88 22
Alternative Phone 2 : 09 11 06 01 65
Location Information


Region : Addis Ababa
City : Addis Ababa
Sub City: Bole
Woreda : 03
Sefer : Bole Medhanialem
Specific Location : On Alemnesh Plaza 8th Floor

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